Conversation with Rem Kooistra!

Enjoy this conversation with mathematics professor,  Dr. Rem Kooistra!  Rem is a thoughtful and kind professor who has been at King’s for around a decade.  We discuss math, biking, plays, facial hair, and contemplative prayer.

You can also find these podcasts on iTunes by searching for “Community in Quarantine.”

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One thought on “Conversation with Rem Kooistra!

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this and getting to know you Rem through this podcast. From your reflections on the community that is built when people are silent together (silent retreat) to the beauty you find in pure math and music, this was a fascinating insight into what brings you alive and your deepest values. The way you choose to live your life, grounded in those values is an inspiration as is your acknowledgement of the ever-present demon of hypocrisy that lurks at our doors. It is a good reminder to us all to practice humility. I found what you said about the pedagogy around pure math and students getting “aha” moments fascinating. I guess I have never had a math aha moment which would explain why I am math-phobic!


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