Reflection From This Week’s Romans Gathering!

Enjoy this reflection from Melanie Salte! If you would like to write a reflection following one of our weekly Romans Gathering, or just a general one, let Tim know. Do you resonate with what Melanie writes? Are you encouraged by it in some way? Feel free to add your comments below.

Entering into the Chapel Zoom room, I have to take a deep breath. Who will I see? What will I say? Does my hair look normal? Do I have my notes ready? Have I talked to everyone involved? Am I ready to press the “Join with Computer Audio” button?

And then I “step in” and find a few have already joined and are sharing about their days, their upcoming assignments, their plans for the weekend. I share alongside them. And as we move into moments of prayer, I am reminded again: that although we are on Zoom, we are joined together. God’s Spirit connects us even here. God’s Spirit meets me here and reminds me of His unwavering presence. As words of thanksgiving are spoken in prayer, my recognition of God’s provision is enhanced. As we sing the words, “Praise God from whom all blessings flow,” my cup is filled to overflowing again. As we take quiet moments in meditative prayer, Jesus makes Himself known to me. 

Although I facilitate this space, I don’t realize just how much I need it. I can get caught up in the task list required to create this space. I find it difficult to step in and be in the space. But what great gifts are found here when I am honest in the quiet moments of prayer, when I am not just a group discussion host but am also challenged by the questions I’m asking. How are the political, educational, religious Canadian systems at odds with God’s gospel system, indeed? These are important questions to consider together, important questions to step into. 

When a reflective prayer is led and I am asked to think about what I have been feeling these last few days, I can choose to step in and really wonder or I can choose to think about the next item up on the chapel outline, hoping it all runs smoothly. I decide to step in and wonder, and it opens the door to seeing Christ with me in the hard feelings from the last few days. And chapel continues to run just as smoothly. Even if it didn’t, this is a casual space and we’re all just people. It’s worth it to step into the space even if it threatens my control.

I want to invite people into this space because I know first-hand it is a place of comfort, of challenge, of renewal and transformation. I guess the only way to really know if that’s true is to step into it myself.

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