Conversation with King’s grad Paul Batz!

In this episode Paul Batz describes navigating student life at King’s, including struggles with chemistry and a transition to being an English major.   He also reflects on the church and his move to the Orthodox Christian faith.  Most importantly, he picks three faculty members to be on his forthcoming interpretive dance team.  Paul is thoughtful, energetic and kind.  I hope you enjoy listening to this conversation as much as I enjoyed sitting down with him to have it!

Download Episode here: Paul Batz Conversation

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One thought on “Conversation with King’s grad Paul Batz!

  1. Thank you Paul for the richness and deep deep thoughtfulness of your responses to Tim’s questions. There was so much here that it is hard to pick up on one musing or idea but I especially tuned in to the part discipline and habits. I have been thinking about the place of habits in forming us and the book you reference, You Are What You Love, is on my extensive pile to read. Perhaps I need to move it towards the top! Thank you Paul for giving us so much to chew upon.


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