Conversation with King’s Purchaser Cathy Jol!

Cathy Jol has been on staff at King’s since 2004.  She is a gentle, hard-working person of prayer who loves connecting with students.  In this episode Cathy is very open; she shares stories from her life where God challenged her and her family, in hopes that these stories might encourage others.  One of my favourite parts of our conversation is when she describes being a “blood cell.”  Enjoy getting to know Cathy better!

Download Episode here: Cathy Jol Conversation

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One thought on “Conversation with King’s Purchaser Cathy Jol!

  1. Cathy, thank you for sharing from your heart and for your honest and deep vulnerability. I am one of those who has been the recipient of your thoughtful suggestions for books, podcasts, snippets of whatever from wherever! Whether they have been for me personally or to do with my work or interests, they have always been on point. You have encouraged me so many times I can’t even count. You are an inspiration to me, challenging me to act and speak in kindness and in wisdom without compromising integrity. Hearing your story, much of which I did not know, serves to bring even more depth to my appreciation of your presence and friendship.
    Thank you thank you!


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