Conversation with Dr. Melanie Turgeon!

Enjoy this conversation with Dr. Melanie Turgeon!  Melanie has been conducting choirs from an incredibly young age.  She has been working with King’s choirs since 2002 and has been on a number of tours with them and the music department (including three European tours).  Melanie has a great sense of humour and is a favourite professor for many choir students. We have also included a couple beautiful pieces from King’s choirs in this episode, so enjoy!

Download episode here: Turgeon Conversation

Stream episode here:


One thought on “Conversation with Dr. Melanie Turgeon!

  1. Melanie, I loved hearing you talk about your life with all its ups and downs, the joys and the challenges. As someone who has witnessed your and Mark’s interactions with your beautiful children, I can testify to your deep love and patience for them and your deep love for one another. It was so fun to hear about how you guys met! Thank you for the gifts and the passion you being to our community at King’s. My favorite chapels are when the choirs minister to us. Such glorious beauty in every practiced refrain, reflecting the beauty and the glory of our God!


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