Conversation with Heather Looy!

Enjoy getting to know psychology professor Heather Looy better in this conversation.  She is a bread baking, squash playing, (possibly surprising) rebel, who cares deeply about her work and her students.

If you don’t have much time, I recommend skipping ahead to 48:40 where she begins sharing about her husband Anthony.  In that conversation and all that follows, I think you get a good glimpse of who Heather is.  Another highlight for me was our conversation about the Silent Retreat and other contemplative practices, beginning at 35:39.

Download here: Looy Conversation

Stream Here:


One thought on “Conversation with Heather Looy!

  1. Thanks Heather for sharing so much of yourself in this interview. As I listened to you trace the contours of your life’s journey so far, I kept hearing the words, “trust the process” over and over again. Our lives unfurl slowly and every little bit shapes us. Truly nothing is wasted, even the hard stuff, much as we would not choose those times. I found myself smiling as I listened to how you were baptized twice. Whatever one’s theology around such sacraments, what cannot be denied are the ways in which the eternal triune God has held you, guided you and called you beloved. Thank you for being a wonderful colleague and for loving our students and community so well.


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