The Student Life in Quarantine

4 roommates
(Left to Right) Juliana “The Concierge” Middel, Nathalie “the Calculator” Singh,                                                             Emily “The Reluctant Squirrel” Bouma, Ashley “The Plumber” Elgersma


It was time to hear from some students!

Juliana Middel, Nathalie Singh, Emily Bouma, and Ashley Elgersma, who live across the street from King’s, share about what life in quarantine has been like for them and their faith, what it is like to live together, and how the King’s community has helped to shape them.

Off the top of my head, Rem Kooistra, Peter Mahaffy, John Hiemstra, Leah Martin-Visscher, Kris Ooms, Chris Peet and the other psychologists, Vern Peters, Will Van Arragon, and Jonathan Nicolai-deKoning are all mentioned for one reason or another- I was struck once again by all the important connections that are made (large and small) within our community.

Get outside for a walk and enjoy learning more about these cool people!  If you want to give thanks for anything these ladies shared, feel free to do it in the comment section.

Also King’s grad Caleb van der Leek gives an update on his life and introduces a really great song that was written during his time at King’s and will be on his upcoming album.  If you don’t have much time and need to skip ahead to his part, it begins at 49 minutes in.

Find his music here: Opie’s Funeral on Spotify

Caleb, Ryleigh, and TomTom


Download the episode here: Students in Quarantine Episode

Stream it here:


One thought on “The Student Life in Quarantine

  1. Thank you wonderful students for entertaining me with your humor and your many anecdotes of life at King’s and your lives in community with one another. I never cease to be inspired by the wisdom and maturity that so many of our students exhibit. Regardless of generational age gaps, we surely do learn from one another do we not? Your love for one another through your commonalities and your differences is what truly stood out to me. That, plus Nathalie’s curry-making skills! It’s true, Dr. Mark Sandle does make an awesome curry but I would like to point out that I taught him everything I know 🙂


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