Conversation with Drama Instructor Lori Mohacsy!

Lori’s Interview  <— This link will download the interview for you, you should also be able to stream it below.

Here is the conversation I had with Lori!  Get outside for a walk or run today and get to know Lori a little better.  I have submitted it to apple podcasts so that it will be easier for everyone to access, but it will take a couple days before they approve it.

In the episode I use music from The Translators, a group of King’s grads (Ethan Vanderleek, Darren Binnema, Danelle Walser, Eric Bomhof and Kevin Bandstra).  They are great people who also happen to be incredibly talented.  You can find them on Spotify here: The Translators

The Translators!


Miriam Mahaffy, another amazing King’s grad, whipped up this amazing Podcast Art last night!

There are gifts in the midst of these new patterns that we are being forced into.  It may slow our overly busy lives down that we might be able to notice the many small gifts that God gives us each day, and also the things going on within our own bodies/hearts.  For Christians, silence, intentional solitude, and reflection have always been important for our spiritual walk…may we be intentional and wise with the time and space we are given.

More than that, a new space has been created for us to care for each other in creative ways.  Yesterday, a group of off-campus students, realizing how frustrating it could be to be cooped up in a dorm room, baked a number of batches of cookies and other goodies to be distributed in residence! A couple other students then volunteered to help with the delivery of the goods.

As we hope to creatively imagine what this time can be, here is a poem that King’s Sessional Music Instructor Dr. Leanne Regehr sent to me:


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