A King’s Hybrid Year in Community

Access all Community in Quarantine podcasts here: iTunes Community in Quarantine

It is going to be a unique year at King’s.  It will be a year of learning in ways we never anticipated.  This new hybrid-way of being together will also offer opportunities to grow if we are open to them.  We, in Campus Ministries, are really excited to invite the entire King’s community to engage in a reflective reading of Paul’s letter to the Romans together.  We have written a small resource to facilitate journaling, prayer, reflection, and group discussion.  This resource will be posted on the “Romans” tab of this blog.  We are also printing copies, with space for written reflections and prayers, for those who would like that.  If you are a part of the King’s community and would like a printed copy, email Tim to request one at tim.wood@kingsu.ca. 

The King’s community will gather every Wednesday from 12:00-12:45 in ZOOM for prayer, reflection and discussion of the Romans text.  Everyone is encouraged to join, and there is no need to do anything in preparation for these gatherings.

We will continue the Community in Quarantine podcast this year.  This has been a fun way to get to know people and stories from the King’s community.  If you have an idea of someone you would like interviewed, let Tim know.  See the podcast iTunes link at the top of this post.

Finally, if you are a student at King’s (new or returning) and you are seeking connection or opportunities to grow spiritually, please let us know!  This year it will be especially important for students to be proactive in seeking community.  We will still have things like small groups, community prayer times, service opportunities and 1:1 spiritual mentorship available to all students.  Again, email Tim at tim.wood@kingsu.ca to learn more about ways to be involved on campus.


“For it turns out, to follow Jesus is ongoing training for learning to live out of control.”  — Stanley Hauerwas


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